Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Oi you seen my Cassettes!!!!

In my line of work there's one simple rule.... KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and you know what, this can be applied to pretty much anything with awesome results. Let me give you a few examples......

  1. Cooking - over complicate this and you become a pretentious twat!
  2. Writing a Blog :) - over complicate this and you become a pretentious twat also!
  3. Relationships - over complicate these and you become a standard twat!
  4. Getting dressed - over complicate this and you look like a twat!
and if you'd have KISS'd all over these then you my friend would be one well rounded chap/chapette 

Now the one place this is applied best is in the fine craft of songwriting, you may have guessed where I'm going with this if you've read any of my previous entries........ and yes you got it right! this brings me nicely on to the next band I want to bend your ear about - 

Lost cassettes

Now don't get me wrong keeping it simple when you're writing a song is the hardest thing to do ever! its far to easy to go bonkers and over complicate a song! the Lost Cassettes have an outstanding sound that is beyond catchy. I couldn't help but get immediately hooked on Beat Motel, the guitar and drum work is brilliant and when you throw the vocal over the top its a perfect match. I'm a fan of the old school sound and these chaps pull it off perfectly. you can't help but be taken back to an era when music had an attitude and was meant to get you off your ass and jump around! 

If there's one thing you do this week it should be listening to these guys. you won't be disappointed. I'd clear my diary as well, I've heard on good authority that they do a spanking live show to boot. 

and finally..... 

When you're in a band you're often asked "what/who are your influences? and to be honest its a boring question! The Lost Cassettes could easily be compared to The Clash, The Arctic Monkeys or Joy Division but when I listen to them all I hear is class... We need to move away from this and just appreciate bands for their unique sound and these guys are as unique as you like! 

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