Monday, 28 October 2013

Everyday should be a Ruby Tuesday

Talent!!! - a former weight and unit of currency, used especially by the ancient Romans and Greeks.!! or - natural aptitude or skill.... how do we measure it these days? talent shows or maybe even wait for someone influential to profess a band or individual to be a possessor of talent. I highly doubt its a gift from the gods as it takes many years to develop a skill that can be passed off as a talent :) and never-the-less the being that may hand out such "gifts" would need to exist in the first place!!!! 

The reason I bring this up is because of all the chatter I see on a regular basis at this time of year... and the reason for this is the X-Factor.. every year its slotted in to climax just before Jesus' birthday! in the hope of having the mindless zombies go out in their masses to purchase the puppetry that is the potential no 1.... now my main grumble here is not the awful auditions that are just public mockery of the retards that decide they're good enough to win the show! but the discussions you see about the "Talent" that these people must obviously possess to progress through the competition! I ask this "Do they actually possess any talent?" I ask this as I truly don't see singing someone else' song as a talent. If, for example they wrote a quality song and progressed on their own writing and performing talent alone, that would be a different case.

Now any artist worth a shit with any integrity would want to work for their reward in being recognised as a "talent" and not just piggy back there way to the top... 

I may add that this is entirely my opinion and not the bands ( well I think so anyway ) and if you disagree... well I'm not bothered as you must be wrong :) 

My rant about talent brings me nicely onto these chaps Ruby Tuesday.....

Ruby Tuesday

Now it's hard enough making enough noise as a three piece, but these guys pull it off as a two piece and convincingly so. As soon as you're greeted by the first track on their soundcloud page you know you're about to have a great trip... 

The opening of "Fools in Belief" is brilliant the drums and guitar are unleashed in perfect harmony it's such a cool sound... everything I love about music is going on here awesome drums, catchy melodies and sweet guitar riffs its magic :) The groove going on here is brilliant. Then as you're sat thinking about what your ears have just experienced you're straight into an equally massive sound as "Fall" kicks off and it's just as magic the guitar work is brilliant I'd like to have a peek at the pedal board :) 

there's no doubt that there is an abundance of talent here that needs to be heard and its up to us to get everyone talking about these guys! 

If you love music then get on this and shout about it... you'll soon realise that you won't be able to do anything but :) 

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