Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hoffman, they will see you now!!

If you've been reading my blog religiously (which I doubt) then you may have noticed that I like to speak my mind... Didn't notice?? well I'm gonna do it again :)

This week I have noticed a huge up turn in these so called packages that allow you to gain a massive "following" for a fee.. Your guess is as good as mine how this is done, but I doubt very much that these are real people that are following, liking and playing for this fee! We have been offered these "deals" on many occasions since our inception. I really don't see the point myself as surely it's obvious to the real fans that this is a ruse of the highest degree. I really don't understand the end goal here either! if this is to impress a label then surely they must be aware of these practices? or even be able to sense that such a talentless gathering of fuckwits couldn't gain such a following even with the help of Yahweh himself. I implore you to please stop this behaviour you are fooling nobody. Go get out there and build your own following it may take sometime but at least it will be genuine... 

Right rant over... This week we have discovered a gem :) a genius if you will.... if you like some pure dirty guitar and some emotion, then you my friend are in the right place - Matt Hoffman really does have a unique sound, I'm smitten with this guys vocals they're unreal you won't hear anything like this knocking around. The guitar is brilliant I can tell you from experience trying to bang out a tune on your own the way this guy does takes some balls and talent. I feel compelled to cover one of his tune just to see how much energy it would take :) 

The other thing about Matt is the way he throws up a tune and then its gone when you go back for another listen he's like the Banksy of soundcloud. My favourite tune is Rosa it has such a cool riff you can imagine this with a band behind it and you have a huge tune on your hands. 

This won't be for everyone but you gotta have a listen and show your appreciation for this - no one else is doing this and boy does he do it well - 

you know the rules, listen, like and shout about it 

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