Friday, 4 October 2013

Flying by my socks

A sound!! this is what we're told as musicians we should adhere to. A sound! you know what I mean, as soon as you play a track you can tell who it is! If I played Oasis Wonderwall you'd know that was Oasis straight away.. this is to have a sense of familiarity, as we all love familiarity. I think we often perform at our worst in unfamiliar circumstances or as its now popular to use the term 'comfort zone'... for me I don't perform well if I'm in unfamiliar socks!! odd I know... However, we all have an odd familiarity that throws us at times.. for me its socks :) I really have had some bad times in unfamiliar socks! I'd like to see what you're familiar necessities are in the comments box below (We're all friends here we won't judge :) )

Now you may be asking where I'm going with this!! well let me tell you. If you're like me you will spend hours on Soundcloud searching out some gems. You click on a track and immediately move on if you don't hear the familiar tones you expect or need to enjoy a track. This week I've really tried my best to sit with some tracks and try my best to push past the unfamiliar socks feeling... and sometimes it worked and I really enjoyed some tracks (look to the bottom of the page I will share some links)

After a few uncomfortable listens I stumbled across the band that I hope you will give a few listens to and enjoy as much as I do.

The Flying Hour

This band didn't have to try hard for me to sit and listen to their EP it's great and what I like most is that each track has it's own "sound" it's really great to see a band just go with the flow and just make music without adhering to the norm. You start out with an electric synth popesque song called Captain Howdy, my initial thought was wow this is different trying my best to work out if it was in time! you'll see what I mean when you listen. It's really clever indeed and a great track, definitely deserves a good few listens. They have a great driving sound (They might even make it into my cars CD collection) The second track seamlessly falls off the first track with a grand opening and carries on driving you. I really love the vocals its effortlessly cool with loads of bravado. When you move onto the 3rd track it's simply brilliant a total showcase of this bands musicianship. I highly recommend having a listen to this EP 'Hilltown Sessions'.

Having spent a long time looking for some great music it was a relief to find such a cracking EP hiding in the belly of Soundcloud and I hope you enjoy them as I have :)

Links to unfamiliar socks songs that I gave a chance - I would have normally just carried on searching :)

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