Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Not so Dead Dreams

I remember the pre-internet days, you'd have to phone people or even pen a letter to a friend! We'd listen to our favourite tracks on Vinyl or through a Walkman and we certainly didn't have a portable telephone... Now you young-uns may think I must be proper old to recall such cave dwelling, but I can assure you I'm not that old! back in these dark cave dwelling days my best mate and I would record songs on a dual cassette player that had a built in microphone. We'd spend days on end writing songs and listening back to them, some where funny others where anthemic (well we thought so at the time) 

These days its all to easy to go and get a laptop with a pre-amp and get some serious quality tracks done at home. For me this is a sad turn of events, it means that even the most mediocre of bands can achieve a decent sound with next to no effort. I mean you can even buy views, plays and followers (fans) for your mediocre minimal effort drivel and look like you're doing well! for me I honestly don't see the point. If you have got the talent this will be evident, even on a tape cassette or a built in microphone on an iPhone. 

Anyways I digress.... 

The point of my rant leads me onto this little gem of a band I came across about 6 months ago on my search for some great music and I hope you agree... 

Dead Dreams

As soon as these guys kick off I'm swept back to the pre-internet days of my youth and I feel like I have my Walkman clipped to my belt :) the sound these guys create it just brilliant. It's like some one got a time machine and stole some early Bob Dylan recordings. The music is great with a real retro vibe on the guitars and a positively lazy groove that makes my foot tap uncontrollably. The vocals really standout they go with the way they sit with the lazy groove is a perfect match. With a mere 14 twitter followers these guys are clearly an undiscovered gem that you all need to go and shout about... 

You know the rules by now!! go listen, share and shout about it :) 

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