Friday, 11 October 2013

Mr Piggies Playlist

As some of you may know I recently acquired a new phone... upon receipt of a new phone I normally transfer my music to it so I'm not left in silence on the morning commute. However, with this new one I've decided to try out these streaming apps that allow you the freedom to listen to whatever you like. I was given the choice to download some albums... now being left with a blank search tab and the choice to download any album you want!! hmmmmm..... what would you choose? I went for Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix :) I then downloaded Urban Hymns by The Verve and Circus by Lenny Kravitz and then settled on Zeitgeist by The Smashing Pumpkins.. now you may notice there's nothing new in my initial choices and the same goes for my old iTunes library. This isn't through a lack of trying new stuff but all the new stuff I like is from unsigned bands so I use Soundcloud for that..... 

Now this brings me onto the task at hand :) this if you in the unsigned world will be aware of a lovely chap who goes out of his way to help us unsigned bands showcase out stuff and list gigs and so on. Yes I'm talking about Mr SqrPig :) He asked me to put a playlist together for his new project that will hopefully become a regular slot on his site... Well I felt somewhat honoured to get the opportunity to let you guys hear my choice.. To be fair its a hard choice and if you are in a band and feel you should have been picked then I apologise... so here goes - 


Track 1 - Wham Bam - Round

Now these chaps hail from Russia and are by far the most innovative musicians I've come across on my search for new music - I may add that they are nice chaps as well :) you really should pencil in at least an hour to spend on their page and soak in the genius that lies within, you won't be disappointed. 

Track 2 - Streamline - Can You Hear Me Now

If you have been cool enough to keep up with my blog then you will have already heard of Streamline :) - if, however, this is your first time on here then you my friend are in for a treat - Streamline will give your ears a well deserved treat. This track is so uplifting and a hug for the soul I always get a great buzz from this track... when you have finished the playlist go check out the rest of their catalogue its a must. 

Track 3 - Mad Robot - Got Talent 

Now this band were one of the very first that I stumbled across in my early days of Soundcloud. I have to admit there's something really catchy about these guys they have such a lazy groove its brilliant. The sound they produce takes me back to the 90's indie rock scene that influenced me heavily as a kid and I really love having these guys on loop. They have some quality tracks and I really recommend spending some time with Mad Robot. 

Track 4 - Dead Dreams - Moonlight Rider

Now I blogged about these guys the other day and I must say everytime I give them a listen it grows on me more and more. With tones of The Doors, Dylan and even a Manchester indie sound mixed in the music that's happening here is exciting to say the least. Even though its a low-fi sound the music speaks for itself and just goes to show you don't need a big budget and a fancy studio to make great music. 

Track 5 - Shoot The Rabbit - Scribble 

Now these chaps hail from my home town of Bangor and it's great to see that there's some great new music coming from Wales :) they have some great songs that have great energy, melody and superb lyrics. If you just take time to listen to the lyrics you're in for a treat... again pencil in some time to spend on Shoot The Rabbit and you will easily become a fan.... Ardderchog :) 

Track 6 - Lost Cassettes - Beat Motel

My final pick is a no brainer - The Lost Cassettes!!! as soon as this track kicks in it's hard not to be drawn in and start tapping the feet :) what a tune this is. So simple in nature but exceptionally clever at the same time. I love the drums in this track they drive the track perfectly and they lay a perfect canvas for the guitars n bass to have some serious fun here. go check out the rest of their songs you won't be disappointed. 

Track 7 - The Unassisted - Revolution

Now don't think in anyway that I'm doing some selfless promotion here, I was asked to include a track of ours so here's a track :) I chose this track as its the latest one we've written. Also as we're currently involved in a Kickstarter project to record an EP and this is the track that we're naming the EP after:) and its a great track to end on.......  

I hope you have enjoyed my playlist and I hope I get to make another one for you guys at some point.... Stay tuned to as I can guarantee there will be some exciting playlists to catch.. 


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