Saturday, 19 October 2013

It's getting a bit GRIM around these here parts!!

Well it's been an interesting couple of days to say the least... We had our first gig back after my crippling month out :) It was good to get back out there in-spite of the faulty mic stand that forced me into a whole plethora of new positions that I didn't know I could sing and play the guitar in, but that's life you gotta go with the shit rather than stop and have a moan about it! no one likes a whining bitch after all :)

However I was surprised to be greeted by a middle aged chap who had clearly made little effort to get dressed that day :) When we had been in touch with what seemed to be a lovely young blonde lady via facebook who had nicely invited us to the gig under the pretence that it was a "Record Label" showcase... To be honest we were just happy to have a gig regardless of what kudos the promoter had. However, I find this practice very underhand! Imagine being an impressionable young band being invited out under this pretence only to find you're playing to the bar staff and the "promoter"!! it's not cool...

Anyway I digress it was a fun evening :)

I have wanted to have my say on the following artist since I found about him a few weeks ago. I just haven't found the time ( to my shame ) My good online friend Nessi pointed me in the direction of this chap and I've become an instant fan -


Now I'm not sure how this comparison will go down but I'm a massive Bjork fan I find her to be such a refreshing and original artist and I've been listening to her music for over 15 years now. When I first listened to Grim I instantly felt intrigued by his style, for me it's easily as refreshing and original and this is so rare these days. The music is so clever there's so many interesting sounds and melodies at play, its the kind of music you can listen to over and over, and with each listen you discover a new sound or melody you missed the last time. I'm also reminded a lot of the genius that is Beck in Grims music.. I don't know about you but I will genuinely listen to an artist and think 'shit I wish I could make music like this' :) and this is exactly the feeling I have listening to Grim... I  can't emphasize enough how much you need to go and give this guy a listen! it's simply brilliant.. and it would be a shame to miss out...

You know the rule peeps... go listen (and be in awe ) share and shout about it!! 

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