Wednesday, 16 October 2013

12 Bar Blues

Now as a guitarist there's one thing you learn as your bread and butter, and that's the 12 bar blues!! now you can probably hear that this is the basis for like 80% of all songs since its conception. One thing that's hard to pull off is making the 12 bar blues your own. It's not a simple task, trust me I'm yet to do so myself but there are a few people that have done so... one of my favourites being Red House by Jimi Hendrix. It totally hits the nail on the head... your down on your luck, you've lost your woman and no clue of what to do. It's gotta be one of the best lines when he says " my baby don't love me no more, but I'm sure her sister will" :)

It's a story and an emotion that goes hand in hand and it's such a simple and elegant way to get it across, but at the same time proper hard to get right... Now I stumbled across a great 12 bar blues rendition on Soundcloud about two weeks ago and I've listened to it a few more times since just to make sure it was as good as I initially thought, and it just gets better -

David Harris 

This chap hails from Manchester and has quite a unique voice its a great surprise when it kicks in, it's like listening to a young Jagger with such a cool groove. Now as I said before its a rareity to get a great 12 bar blues and this certainly is one of the best I've heard in a long while. If you carry on through the rest of the page there are some equally impressive songs. It must be said you know you're listening to a class act as you journey through the tunes on offer. It's a must for sure.

Mr Harris is clearly a super talent on the guitar, he offers a really unique sound. I can't say I've heard anything like it for a long time. It's refreshing to hear someone not trying to produce the same drivel as the masses and stand out from the crowd. And, he certainly stands out. For example listen to Cherry Blossom its such a beautiful sound I can hear early Iggy Pop with elements of Floyd and Zeppelin mixed in its brilliant. 

You know the score people.... go listen, enjoy, and spread the word. 

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