Friday, 3 January 2014

Two Thousand and Blerghhhhh......

So 2014 kicks off with a sigh and a fart! what have you all got to look forward to this year? more of the same shit? more of the same mediocre music from the legions of mediocre half wits that create the same shit we've all heard before? 

Well I'm sorry to say that unless you get off your fat lazy ass then YES that's what you are in for! If you insist on being spoon fed your opinions and not making the effort to seek out the new and the innovative then I pity you my friend... 

All it takes is a moment of curiosity and that spark to go off.... I had that moment this time last year and I finally got off my ass and went looking for something new! I picked up my guitar and started something that I didn't know would go anywhere near as far as it did. We met some awesome new people that went out of their way to help us achieve the goals we set ourselves as a band and we did just that... I'm not having a Jerry McGuire moment here I just think we all need that moment, and that's what the new year is all about. It's not about stopping smoking or drinking, it's about living your life for a change and putting a stop to the mundane. Stop making excuses for doing exactly the same things you've been doing every year. If you don't do new things because of what your friends will think about you then you better pick up the phone and ask them what you're allowed  to have for your tea tonight. Stop being pussies and doing whats already been done.

I dare you to do something mad this year and report to me after you have done just that :) 

Anyways I digress on to the music - 

Little White Lies

I know everyone feels the need to talk about local bands and the "scene" but fuck that when something sounds great then why should that matter??? 

I tell you what it shouldn't..... 

This band hail from Poland and tick all my boxes they are as follows - 

1 - Do you sound fucking awesome?
2 - Do you make me want to dance?
3 - Do I wish I had written this? 
4 - Do I immediately want to listen to this again? 
5 - Do I feel compelled to tell everyone I know about this? 

I do hope you concur :) 

These guys mix quirky vocals and dirty rocking riffs like someone gave them a recipe book... it just comes across as effortless and I love that. As any good band they have smart lyrics that run along seriously catchy melodies, with a great architecture to each song. The vocals are a mix of haunting and sexy at the same time, you can really hear the emotions in the lyrics. 

The guitar work is brilliant. Some times technical and beautiful and other times just down right dirty it really does show off the talent of these two :) 

I would spend some time on this page if I were you, you are in for a real treat from the up tempo driving songs like Don't Breathe When I Tell You To to the laid back psychedelic journey that is Farewell 

Enough from me go listen to them!!!! 

you know the score go listen, shout and share 

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