Monday, 23 September 2013

We're all in this together

This blog has been written by Guitarist - Jason

One thing I've noticed during my time as a part time musician, is the constant self promotion that most bands (not all) believe will get them the recognition they deserve (or feel they deserve). There's nothing better than getting together and creating a song or two, and getting caught up in the haze of self belief that you are soon to become the next big thing :) Well I can assure you are not alone. This is generally the mentality of most bands, I've been in this situation before and I'm not sure whether mellowing with age has changed me, but I do feel that its important to acknowledge your peers and do your best to give them the recognition they deserve. So on that note, I have decided to start a blog based on my favourite bands that I may have had the pleasure of gigging with, or simply stumbling over them whilst aimlessly trawling the deep dark depths of soundcloud.

Lets begin -

Out of all the gigs we've done so far this year we enjoyed the following bunch of chaps very much indeed.

The Forgotten Saints hail from the Northwest of england, and have a really atmospheric sound that you can easily get lost in. I found myself daydreaming of days gone by during their set, the sound and tone of the vocals almost gives you no other option that to drift into a haze of memories. It's not often you find a band that can instigate such emotion through theirs songs. I defy anyone to go onto soundcloud and not get lost in the tracks they have uploaded.

I would happily recommend anybody to go and see these chaps live. You won't find yourself in a mosh pit or jumping around like a loon .but you will experience a great journey with lush sounds and great lyrics.

don't believe me go have a listen -

oh and go follow them on twitter @theforgottensai

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  1. This is a great idea Jason. Fantastic support for new music! I was also taken with The Forgotten Saints, a great atmospheric set :-)