Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Second Biggest Pen In The World

I remember getting my first guitar, I must have been about 6 years old. I recall the first couple of lessons being a right pain in the ass. Pluck this string 4 times and then the next and do this until you use the right fingers in the right order!!!! Wow what a ball ache.. Eventually I started getting really good at it, it became less of a chore and more of a treat. That feeling of music being a treat has always stuck with me. Whenever I pick up a guitar or even sit down at the drums, if I don't get that feeling I immediately switch off and move on to something else. The same applies to hearing a new song, I can generally tell if I like it in the first 5 seconds, more often than not I don't and I move on in disappointment. This leads me onto the next band that I'm about to tell you about, they easily got me in the first few seconds and I'm now hooked.

Second Biggest Pen In The World (SBPITW)

What stands out with these guys is the crazy lyrics and catchy music. I don't think I've ever heard such madness as I found in "Badger Tie", it's so much fun you'll listen to it over and over. SBPITW will put a smile on your face with every song. If it's the lyrics or the catchy licks you'll be smiling, and if not, you sir are dead inside. It's very rare in this saturated market to come across such a talented wordsmith as Jimi Eggleton. Each song tells a story, listen to "Peaches" as an example of exceptional lyrical madness. I can guarantee you will want to listen again.

If you don't believe me watch this video -

One thing these guys do so well is to keep it simple and when bands do this you see how much of an impact this can have. You let the song become the entity it should be, rather than overworking elements that can take a lot away from what you're trying to get across. I think SBPITW do this with such aplomb that you can find yourself totally lost in the song. Take "Until I'm Found" and "Marina and Me" as examples. both beautifully simple yet devilishly clever and enticing.

go check these guys out and follow, share and shout about them to everyone :)

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