Tuesday, 24 September 2013

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I think when I'm older and the kids have moved out I might start my own Label. I say this because I see so many talented bands that either have no resources to shout about themselves, or just need a helping hand down the right path. I'm not saying I will be the saviour for these unfortunate souls. But, I do feel I'd do my up most to help out in anyway I could. Maybe suggest a chord change or add a sweet hook here and there :) It would be a great way to spend the day. Having said that I'd imagine there's some genuine souls out there on the same quest as I :)

You may have listened to my music past and present and decided you don't like it. The mere notion of my help may turn your stomach. However, we all need a helping hand sometimes. So here's my helping hand whether you like it or not, just go with it and enjoy the ride.

Helping Hand  

Sometimes you see some injustice in the world, I found some going on on Soundcloud when I checked in on Streamlines page and saw the small amount of plays they are getting... I clicked the first tune and had a nice little riff greet me with some dark accompanying harmonies... only to be met with an energetic kick in the face into the track!!! thinking why the fuck am I the only one listening to this it's brilliant... I then clicked share and hoped that some of my twitter followers would click and join in (hopefully they will) one thing I love about this band is the guitar work, the solo in the first track is totally out there, it goes against the brain dead solo's that most guitarists invoke in that moment of glory (myself included sometimes) it totally stands out and you almost think nah thats not working and you realise it is, very clever indeed...


As you go through the tracks its a great journey full of energy and you get a chilled out rest in Avenue Way, then straight into Can You Hear Me Now. Seriously you gotta listen :)


Overall this band offer great music, catchy tunes and in the words of @sophiefe "who doesn't like catchy tunes"

Go and listen to this you won't be disappointed...... Then go and shout about it and tell everyone you know!!!

One more thing... go check em out live it's a right treat...

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