Thursday, 26 September 2013

Our First Guest Writer - @SirMop26

I've been fortunate enough to have witnessed the evolution of The Unassisted
from the very early days of the band. At the time I was relatively new to
Twitter and entirely new to the world of emerging artists. I happened to mention
to a band that I enjoyed a song I'd recently played of theirs. They replied with
the customary, 'Thanks for listening, glad you're enjoying our stuff'. But, they
added something more in a follow-up tweet. 'Have a listen to The Unaassisted.'

I was in a musical transition point. I'd grown tired of the artists that had
entertained me for years. Though music had always occupied my day from start to
end, its' influence was beginning to wane. So it was without hesitation that I
searched for this new band on SoundCloud. "Hands Dance Hands". I was completely
blown away. Hidden away from the world, here was this track with really just a
handful of plays and this band with just a handful of followers. It was unlike
anything I had listened to recently. Why weren't others taking notice?

I had no clue that there was such a thing as music supporters. I had not heard
of the concept before. I tweeted The Unassisted and let them know how much I
enjoyed the track. The response is still etched in my brain. After that
customary thanks, they continued to say '...means a lot. To be honest, we didn't
think anyone would listen.'

Crazy! Listening still to the track I wondered if they had ever even heard their
own material. Because from my perspective, I was listening to something amazing.
I decided to let others know. Though I had just a few followers at the time, I
haphazardly made my first #nowplaying tweet. I couldn't keep this tune to

Since then, I've watched the band evolve. They have gained a loyal following. It
seems that all who take the time to listen are instantly drawn in as I was. I
have listened to tracks take shape from an idea to an elaborated work. I have
indulged in recordings of live gigs. I've remained in contact with the band.
They still remain every bit as humble, even with their growing audience. And
from that first motivation to support a band that came about from Hands Dance
Hands, I've grown to actively support many other artists. Thinking back now it
is really rather interesting that Jason of The Unassisted now advocates for
artists to support and promote other bands rather than focusing on self
promotion. Indeed, it was this ideal that first led me to The Unassisted. I
can't recall the band that first pointed me in their direction, but I owe them
many thanks.

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  1. Superb Michael. Great point that Jason has always supported other bands, and has shown his commitment to promoting and them with his blog. Great to see you back in the writers seat my friend. Lee