Saturday, 19 July 2014

Some Innovation please!!!

So it took us a while to evolve into the walking talking idiots that we are today. When I say a while that period differs hugely depending on what imaginary friend you choose to have or whether you decide to believe the Science folk.

  • Archeologists estimate that modern humans have been on the Earth for about 200,000 years
  • According to Bible scholars--by estimating the generations given, the time would be about 4000 years for the Old Testament and about 2000 years for the New Testament--approximately 6000 years
So which ever path you take your'e looking at quite some time! Now looking back over time not a lot has changed... we still fight over land and whose imaginary friend is the best and unfortunately this will probably go on for the next 200,000 years.

So it's agreed we evolve but we don't learn much? I'll take that as a yes for now :) 

approximately 60 years ago a new phase in our evolutionary journey, Rock and Roll was born. And as always this was greeted with frenzy and awe as something entirely original had been born. When in reality it was derived from Rhythm and Blues so another example of nowt new going on here :) 

I bring this to your attention as the "Rock and Roller" 60 years on is still on the same blinkered path of "Copy and Roll" much like his forefathers. 

Now there have been some visionaries along this "Copy and Roll" journey and they have paved the way for new musicians to be brave enough to try to be different. Not all of them have succeeded mind you but its better to try and fail than conform and in my opinion. 

This brings me onto my next band that I would like to bring to your attention - 

Black Tooth 

Black Tooth hail from Manchester and how refreshing it is to hear a Manchester band stand out from the white noise that is the Manchester music scene. With a dark yet groovy vibe going on these chaps are really worth a listen. There are 6 songs on their Soundcloud page and all of which offer a unique journey that only Black Tooth can take you on.

The first song kicks off on a happy guitar vibe and it really lifts you up and you know you're in for a treat, it reminds me of classic Beck. This track would be a great driving track imagine a sunny day windows down you get the idea :)

The next track "Polyphonic Blues" has a really gritty sound with a really cool vocal sound over the top, very old school vibe here with cool guitar riffs carrying the song nicely.

As we move through the tracks on the page its obvious these guys are very talented song writers each track is catchy and gets stuck in your head. I'd say there's a little bit of all my favourite bands in Black Tooth from The Brian Jones Town Massacre to Bowie.

Overall a perfect example of an innovative band that refuse to conform to the "Copy and Roll" movement.

"Innovative songs executed perfectly" 

You know a great band as they can lift your mood with a great riff or a simple hook.Black Tooth are definitely resident in my "Great Bands" category and I would highly recommend a listen and even better go check them out live @ The Eagle Inn in Salford on the 26th of July you won't be disappointed.

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