Monday, 26 January 2015

You're entitled to your opinion!! so here's mine.....

Lets sum up the modern music blogger in a simple conversation between my imaginary friends Dave and Steve... Steve is the blogger Dave is the musician..

Dave : "Hey Steve, guess what!"
Steve : "What??"
Dave : " 2 + 2 is 4"
Steve : " Woah man wtf !!!"
Dave : " I know right"
Steve : "Dave you just blew my mind! you're a fucking genius... I gotta tell everyone about this"

There we have it... an idiot being impressed by an equally unimpressive idiot!

Problem is these days any idiot can pick up an instrument learn 3 chords bang out a beat, go buy some followers online and follow a bunch of attention seeking idiots who don't have the capacity to play an instrument but have enough about them to either write a blog or string 140 characters together to create a tweet.

The problem grows worse because when we look down the chain of bottom feeders online we discover an even fouler being!! this is the idiot who lacks the ability to play an instrument or even blog or tweet. All these plebs can do is follow the other idiots and listen to what they're told and spread the word like some kind of disease hahaha :)

And this nicely sums up the modern music blogger!

Don't get me wrong, there are some fantastic bloggers out there whose life purpose is to find those golden nuggets in the mountains of shit (and they generally do). The problem is there are one hell of a lot of retweeters who can only see Shit Mountain.

Stop being so impressed with these mediocre bands who can't write a song if their lives depended on it! you're really killing the entity that you are so foolishly trying to back! and all the while ignoring the amazing music that is being made by tiny handful of actual talented musicians that deserve to be heard.

I challenge you all only find 1 band to champion in the next week and tell the world about them and them alone not the 100,00 bands you may tweet or share in the meantime.

This is exactly why I write this blog and do my podcast because I refuse to even bother writing about mediocre bands.. you know why, it's not about me or how cool I hope you think I am, it's all about the recognition of unadulterated talent that isn't getting heard because of the saturated feeds full of shit music that you're told to listen to.

I've been doing this for about 12 months now and I can't think of more than about 20 bands that are AMAZING and most bloggers would tweet that in a week!!

So get your heads out of your ass give em a wobble and stop being led down the path by a gaggle of idiots.

Check out these talented musicians and then please tell me I'm wrong!!!

Streamline -

Second Biggest Pen In The World -
Dead Dreams -
Flying Hour -
Lost Cassettes -
Holy Coves -
Tesla Coils -
Grim -
Ruby Tuesday -
Little White Lies -
The Hobbyist  -
Black Tooth -
FaceFish -
GrassCutter -
Camperols -
Suno Deko -

To name but a few...

If you want to see Grim, Tesla Coils and Lost Cassettes get down to The Ruby Lounge on Thursday and see some real music!.


  1. If you're recommending bands - put in links...readers (like me) are lazy buggers and don't want to cut & paste ;o) Love Ralph x

  2. Sorry Ralph my bad thought they worked :)