Thursday, 17 July 2014

It's been a while

So we return to the stage next Friday. I'ts been a while I hear you cry? and rightly so it certainly has! well we have some new tunes and so forth to kick us back off into the dark dingy murky world that is the "Unsigned Manchester Scene" where Oasis/Stone Roses rip off bands are playing every venue and the zombie audiences act like they've never heard such original music before!!

Wake up folks there's nowt new going on here.... 

So for a new phase in our musical journey I am bringing in a new idea into Bands on Bands......
Pre gig blogs where I will do a write up on the bands that we will have the pleasure of playing with in the up and coming shows.

Now this is a brave move!!

The 10's of people that have kindly read my blog over the past year will already understand that I don't have a zombie-esque taste in music so this should be interesting idea :)

Don't get me wrong my intention is not to bad mouth anybody, as there really is no need. We all have different tastes and I bet most of the bands we play gigs with don't like our music, but that's part and parcel of taking your music to the masses! you have to be prepared to take some criticism or a bad reception as some people just don't get good music when they hear it and there's no saving some people :(

So the event -

On the lineup we have

  • Toy Sparrows
  • Zilov Gaps
  • Empire Signal
Now lets kick things off with a listen of Toy Sparrows -

First impressions!! Well, great vocals for a start and some great guitar melodies going on here it reminded me of Tracy Chapman "Fast Car" meets Ellie Goulding (if that makes sense) I really like the single "Inside My Head" its a strong pop song and it wouldn't be out of place on the radio at all. 

Moving on to the Woodland Creatures demo that's posted here there some little gems that I reckon with the same production as "Inside My Head" these guys could have a strong set of songs! I have had a few listens to "Rex Demo" and that one has definitely got stuck in my head :)  I'm looking forward to seeing how they'll be delivered live on the night..... 

Moving along we find -

Well I'll be honest I wasn't sure what to make of these chaps at first, The vocals are really strong and dark with some odd arrangements going on its really different it's like an 80's/early 2000's mashup. There's Synths Guitars and even a Xylophone going on here :) I have to say it's clever music with a story to tell... definitely worth a listen and again I'm really looking forward to the live delivery, as it looks like we're in for a treat of a performance from the frontman Matt Carmody  - 

Finally we find  Empire Signal - 

Now to me these guys have a "Manchester" sound very 90's, I really like the first track "Alive" it has a great energy to it and I reckon this track must go down a storm live. 

There are some great tracks on their soundcloud page including "The Greatest Thing" and "Turn Myself Around" I have a feeling these chaps will go down well, and I bet they have a good stage presence going off their sound. As you know we're big bass fans and I'm loving the driving bass on these tracks I'm sure Mark will love these chaps.

Then there's us... :)

Overall this stands in good stead to be a great mix of original bands playing some great music! We hope to see you there? or you may want to dust off your leather jacket and join the zombie hoards at an Oasis/Roses rip off fest.

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