Tuesday, 20 May 2014


We all get fed up from time to time! You may get fed up with your job.. you go get a new job and that is ok for a while then you eventually get fed up of that... you go look for another and start the whole process over again, never really getting anywhere! You may earn more money or get to boss more people around. In the end you still end up right back where you started disappointed and expecting what you think you deserve! Well in all honesty you probably don't deserve to not be fed up because you're a waste of space just like the rest of all the pointless carbon based life forms dribbling and managing not to get killed through a series of small miracles on a daily basis!

Where am I going with this you ask? well let me tell you :) the mediocre and boring people who make up this great society we live in far out number the creative and brilliant members of society! In the grand scheme of things we all fall in to the mediocre category... but, for some reason you're born convinced you belong in the brilliant group... take a good look in the mirror my friend you fall into the first group.... So do I so don't think I'm having a pop at you :)

But...... this is great! you should embrace your mediocrity and enjoy the brilliant people who make the music you love, the books you read and the movies you watch. Without them I doubt you'd have much left to do apart from reproduce and make more mediocre versions of yourself !!!

Now not very often the brilliant members of society are picked up high above the shoulders of the mediocre and declared to be so.... And these chaps I am about to introduce you to should be held aloft and carried into the pantheon of the brilliant.

If you follow my blog you know I don't waste my time talking about mediocre bands. We all know there's plenty of them knocking about ready to bore you to death with their remake of their own favourite tunes! Boooo I hear you cry and rightly so... change the record why don't you? Well that's because they lack the ability to change the record.

Not these chaps. They took the record and threw it out the window :) Imagine I created a particle accelerator and introduced the some T-Rex particles, White Stripes particles, Screaming Trees particles and a pinch of Black Keys then turned it to maximum and let it rip. The outcome would simply be Facefish.....

The music is full of swagger, it's not easy to get this kind of groove/rock vibe going only a handful of bands manage to pull this off with such aplomb. The main ingredients of any band is a frontman with plenty of attitude that you can't help but pay attention to and when Wills starts singing you are immediately caught off guard and your attention is truely caught.

On Soundcloud there are three tracks... in my opinion there should be way more than this:) The first track Heart on Fire starts out with a catchy melody driven by a simple groove on the drums the unique sound of Wills' voice jumps straight in and from there on in you're hooked. The vocal melody drops in and out of the music and followed up by the back end of that dirty guitar riff. Simple but stupendously effective. I found myself having a 'I wish I'd come up with this' moment :)

The track is great what I love about this band is that the tracks don't go where you expect them to and thats a refreshing thing to hear for a change. Nice to see a band going to the effort to do something new.

Track 2 starts off with an even bigger guitar riff and some proper swagger from the bass and drums and another great vocal melody, Not only do you get great music there are some clever catchy lyrics here as well. But yet again the track is taking you by the hand in this direction and then you get swiftly pushed in the other direction and pulled back in to that dirty riff... it's very clever indeed! you must have guessed by now I'm liking these guys!

Sadly the last track kicks in at this point! however I must stress that this is by no means a disappointment :) This track starts out a lush laid back dirty riff and drops back with the vocal dropping in, this just makes it even cooler. This band clearly enjoy what they do and this for me makes them stand out. You can tell, or I think I can tell, when a band takes themselves to seriously and for me that spoils the final outcome.. Facefish have produced three quality tracks that scream confidence and creativity and I look forward to seeing them live.


You know the drill go share, shout and tell the world about this band they deserve it.

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