Monday, 17 February 2014

We all need a hobby

So it's been a while! how are you? I'm ok, I can't complain.. although I probably will :)

So today I have been on my FA coaching course and I was listening to the head coach talk about young players and how only a very small percentage of them will never make it as professional players, and that's only if they're really lucky or extremely talented. A bleak outlook I know. However, the same applies to us musicians who start a band and have great expectations to make it and become a signed professional. I pondered on this as he went on about something else less profound and I thought back to playing football as a kid and how it didn't matter what the outcome would be, all that mattered was that I was playing football and it was awesome :)

Now this is something we should transfer into our music as musicians, imagine if you didn't give a fuck about making it or how many tickets you sold to the fuckwit promoter that insists you sell 10 or 20 tickets, and just enjoyed the music!!! I mean think about it 99.99999999% of us will only ever achieve a gig in a pub or if we're lucky a support slot at a small 02 academy :) either way what does it matter you won't be here for long so get your head out of your ass and resign yourself to the fact you will amount to nothing and I guarantee you will enjoy the music more than you do now, and stop worrying about how many tickets you sell or how cool you look in your leather jacket IT DOESN'T MATTER :)

So the question is, now you have thrown away your inhibitions what do you go for? something that's been done before or something brand spankers? well we know the majority of us go for the first option (present company guilty)

Well why not go for something completely new?

I'll tell you why most of us don't! it's not commercial mainstream is it! simples conform and go for the norm... it's easier... well some people dare to be different and that's what I like in a band :) and these guys are a prime example -

The Hobbyist

These fine artists are from Chicago and I love the way they piece their songs together it's genius. The riffs build like a huge storm brewing and the lyrics are dark and sinister. Just when you think you have the tune figured out your taken off on a tangent and another journey begins, I'm very impressed with how all the "best practises" are ignored and told to jog on as these guys just go and do what they do best (just what you weren't expected)  the best example of this is the following track -

I tweeted this track about 8 months ago and I still love coming back to it and I just can't get bored of this track : )

I highly recommend listening to the rest of the tracks on this page you won't be disappointed :)

Go on have a break from the norm and see how great it can be when a band go for something new

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